Buy a Business

Buying a business is extremely exciting. However; it can be difficult and time consuming. Let our professionals at PBI guide you through the process of choosing a business that will build wealth and create your destiny. PBI professionals work closely with our buyers to qualify the perfect business for their investment.

The PBI 6 Step Buying Process will give you a high level view of what to expect when buying a business. We begin by meeting our clients to learn more about you, your goals, experience, financial means, and answer any questions you have. Our professionals will help you search for your business, assist in signing disclosures, provide detailed reports on the business, and set up showings with the seller. Once you have found a business you like, our professionals will draft an offer to present to the business owner. We are highly experienced negotiators that will help you through this important step in the process. During Due Diligence we will guide you through fully inspecting the business to guarantee the owners representations are accurate. Our valuation experts will determine the fair market value of the business, ultimately reaching the maximum value for your money. We will use our professional contacts to assist you in arranging financing for the purchase of your business. Our staff will guide you in the final steps to ensure the transfer is as smooth as possible.

6 Step Buying Process